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Dear Community Partner:


As a proud member of our Emerald Coast community, and a local entertainment and promotion company, Astro Entertainment, LLC takes pride in announcing PLAYA Radio. As an online public radio station, PLAYA commits the majority of our resources to producing quality programming of service to our listeners. One result of this commitment to service is that we do not offer our air time without considerable thought to the appropriateness of non-programming announcements and to the organizations with which we partner. For you, the benefit is being associated with other quality organizations that, like yourself, support the concept of community radio.


Listeners will enjoy a diverse programming that brings you music from not only the Latin culture, but also Top 40 and Hip Hop as well bringing something new and fresh to our community for all to listen to. By becoming a sponsor this radio station will be a success in helping spread the love of music to all! With your help this radio station can and will make a difference in our community by highlighting the diversity around us.  For more information contact us at


Thank you in advance for your generous support!



Wilbert Vargas

ASTRO Entertainment


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